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Reign of Ruin

Elderwood Series: Saga one - Book two

(NA Urban Fantasy/Historical Fantasy Romance)

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The day of the Waning has come and gone. Many lives have been lost.

The events that unfolded during the celebrations left a scar on Rayna, both physically and mentally.


Dredging up her past and forcing her to face her greatest fear, was not something that she wanted to deal with when the lives of herself, and her friends, were in mortal danger. But with a new plan in place, hope returns, and a mad dash is underway to retrieve what was once lost.


But if the plan is successful, will Rayna convince the men she has fallen for to return with her? Will her love for them win out if they choose to stay?


So many questions, so many uncertainties. First, they must retrieve the tools strong enough to break through the spell keeping them on the island and pray they can do it in time.


But danger lurks around every corner and the lines between friend and foe are often skewed in a land where time means nothing.


Will their new plan of escape prove to be successful? or will they end up losing more than hope in the end?


Be forewarned, sometimes the mind can sense what the eyes cannot see.

Trigger Warnings

Reign of Ruin is a New Adult novel intended for older readers (18+) due to subject matter that may be difficult for some readers. Some scenes may trigger emotional distress. Reader discretion is advised. Detailed sexual encounters, multiple love interests, violence, murder, foul language, abuse (physical, mental and emotional), rape (on and off page), non-con/dubious consent.   

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