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Reign of Inception

Elderwood Series: Saga one - Book one

(NA Urban Fantasy Romance)
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Are you prepared to venture into a world you never knew existed?

A world of hidden secrets and untold stories of myths and legends long passed. Forgotten or believed to be just that… stories. For once you open your eyes to the impossible, everything becomes probable.

Like most good stories or life altering events, it begins with one action, one decision…

One stupid mistake.

That’s all it took to turn 17-year-old heiress to the family business Rayna Caliburn’s life upside down. After being shipped off to a private Academy halfway across the world, she soon realizes that life isn’t all fun and games. Especially when a shocking turn of events lands her and her companions in a land that shouldn’t exist.

Thrust into a turbulent pursuit of rectification, in a race against time with an unlikely group of beings from myths and legends, Rayna must face unimaginable dangers, uncontrollable magic, and irrepressible temptations that begin to wage war against everything she’s been led to believe about herself, her beliefs, her reality and even her sanity.

Trigger Warnings

Reign of Inception is a New Adult novel intended for older readers (18+) due to subject matter that may be difficult for some readers including attempted sexual assault, bullying, violence, foul  language, scenes of sex, abuse (physical, mental and emotional) and past trauma. Book ends of a cliffhanger. 

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