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Reign of Destiny

Elderwood Series: Saga One - Book three

(NA Urban Fantasy Romance)

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Life is a gift that’s never guaranteed.
Death is an unpredictable inevitability.

Five months ago, Rayna Caliburn’s only concerns in life were graduating high school and finding a way out of her arranged marriage agreement. Until fate thrust her onto a journey so unimaginable that had she not landed on the mysterious island of Hy-Brasil, she never would have believed it.

Now she knows the truth. A truth that was hidden for centuries. There exists a whole other world within our own. That the Fae, the Gods. Angels and Demons, and every mythical creature and legend of the past is real and hiding amongst us.
Rayna is no longer the girl she once was, the shield she built around her has finally cracked with the weight of her destiny.

Rayna may carry the blood of the most powerful sorcerer to have ever walked the earth, Merlin, but that doesn’t mean her path thus far has been easy. Death has taken from her. Love has been severed and Rayna’s fated mate has been ripped from her forever. But there’s no time to grieve the loss. Not with Nimue planning to unleash an ancient evil that threatens to destroy the world as they know it.
With Rayna’s magic stolen by the Fates, she must rely on a teenaged sorcerer, an ancient warrior, a shy Kataw and a new ally to stop Nimue once and for all. Before its too late.

The gates are preparing to open. The ancient gods are waiting to be released. And the fate of humanity rests in their hands.

Trigger Warnings

Reign of Destiny is a New Adult novel intended for older readers (18+) due to subject matter that may be difficult for some readers. Some scenes may trigger emotional distress. Reader discretion is advised. Detailed sexual encounters, loss, grief, violence, murder, foul language, abuse (physical, mental and emotional)

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